“Ed” (2014 Student Film)

This was my final project for my senior year film production class at the University of Iowa. It was filmed during the winter of 2014, from a script I wrote my freshman year, and was made with the assistance of classmates Bill Wright, Therese Pechacek, John Campbell, Sam Wood, John Stumpf, and Jon Graf, who was the director of photography. Special thanks to my teacher, Jesse Kreitzer, and the spectacular cast. Dana Telsrow, Brooks Strause, Isaac Helgens, Kristen Owens, Nathan Woody, Shane Nielsen, and Jackson Hettinger all did incredible jobs, especially considering that they were often acting in below freezing temperatures in the dead of Iowa winter. Likewise goes for the crew, who had to handle heavy film equipment and work outside for hours on end. Thanks so much to everyone involved who helped make whatever this is a reality.